About the Gaming Authority

The Tribe has established the Pamunkey Indian Tribal Gaming Authority as a wholly-owned non-corporate entity of the Tribe to own and operate a gaming facility for the Tribe. The Authority is governed by a three-member board, a majority of whose members must be members of the Chief and Tribal Council. Currently, there are two members of the Tribal Council and one Tribal member serving on the Board. The Gaming Authority will operate the Tribe’s gaming facilities in accordance with Virginia law and in an ordinary and customary corporate fashion. The Authority is empowered by the Tribe to do all things necessary for the acquisition, undertaking, financing, construction, maintenance, and operation of their gaming facilities.

Tim Langston

Tim Langston chairs the Gaming Authority Board and is a current member of the Tribe’s Tribal Council. Before retiring, Tim served as a Maintenance Manager/Contract Administrator with the Virginia Department of Transportation, and was the designated contract administrator for the Ferry Maintenance Department. Tim also served as Licensed Marine Engineer on several categories of Merchant Marine vessels over 21 years of service. He is a graduate of Calhoon Marine Engineering School, MD and holds an unlimited license as Chief Engineer Steam, Diesel and Gas Turbine Plants.

Gordon Atkinson

Gordon Atkinson is the Vice-Chair of the Gaming Authority Board and has been a member of the Pamunkey Tribal Council for four years. He has spent 28 years in the construction industry (HVAC) and been responsible for field management of large commercial and industrial projects. Gordon has also been a musician for 32 years and played large and small venues in Richmond and surrounding areas.

Kevin Krigsvold

Kevin Krigsvold is a member of the Tribe and graduated from Old Dominion University in Norfolk and attended Hampton University for graduate school on a NASA-funded scholarship. Kevin is a seven-time Emmy award winning television producer and is the CEO/President of Pamunkey Indian Enterprises-Professional Services (PIE-PS), which is a section 8(a) tribally owned business. Throughout his career, Kevin has taken every opportunity to build bridges to his community and to partners through his unique background and skillset.

About the Tribe

The Pamunkey Indian Tribe is one of the most prominent of the Indian tribes to first meet Europeans on the East Coast of North America. This status is due in part to the prominence of Pamunkey Indians, especially Powhatan and Pocahontas, whose activities were integral to American history. The Pamunkey Indians long defended their rights as unique citizens of the United States, with treaty and legal privileges that date back more than four hundred years. The Pamunkey Indian Tribe played a vital role in England’s early settlements in North America, and documents preserved in the archives of the United States and England show the existence of the Pamunkey Indian Tribe since the first visit of Captain John Smith in 1607, when the English settled Jamestown.

The Pamunkey Indian Reservation (Reservation), established in 1646, is perhaps the oldest inhabited Indian reservation in North America. The Reservation is approximately 1,600 acres in size and located in King William County on the border with New Kent County. The Reservation is in a rural area and is mostly surrounded by the Pamunkey River. The Tribe currently has 415 enrolled citizens.

Tribal Governance

The Chief and Tribal Council is the official governing body of the Pamunkey Indian Tribe. This body is composed of seven councilpersons and a Chief that may serve concurrent four-year terms. Tribal officials are elected by the voting Tribal body through a traditional balloting process. The current administration was elected in November 2020. The Chief and Tribal Council elect an Assistant Chief and a Secretary to serve from within the Council.

Day-to-day Tribal operations are executed by a team of administrative staff hired and appointed by Chief and Tribal Council. The Tribal Administrator, Tribal Financial Officer and other staff members manage the various programs and services that the Tribe administers, including the cultural and housing departments. The Tribe continuously endeavors to provide opportunities for its Tribal citizens. Since the Tribe earned federal recognition in 2016, the Tribe has worked to provide job opportunities, social services, and build its Tribal programs for its citizens.

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